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    “It’s possible you are due a tax refund, so Register Now and our tax agents will professionally review your tax records and do the work for you in claiming any overpaid tax from Revenue”


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    Tax Refunds Made Easy

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    No Refund, No Fee - Simple as that!

    For standard reviews, we charge a fee of 7% + VAT of the value of your tax refund subject to a minimum processing fee of €23 including VAT.

    Reasons to Choose


    As your Tax Agent

    1. Qualified Accountants

    Only qualified accountants will review your taxes.

    2. Lowest Fees Guaranteed

    Our fees are the lowest on the market, standard reviews 7% plus VAT. See T&C’s


    3. No Refund - No Fee

    If there is No Refund due to you, then there is No Fee.


    4. Four Year Tax Review

    Comprehensive tax reviews for each of the last four years.


    5. Quick Turnaround

    Claims processed without delay  ensure you receive a  prompt refund.

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    Coronavirus – Covid-19: During these difficult times, our company continues to operate as normal.We appreciate that thousands of people have had their income drastically reduced over the last few months, it is possible that you could be due a tax refund which could ease your financial burden.