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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I have to register?

You need to register so that we can gain access to your tax details on the revenue site.  The registration forms simply gives us permission to act as your Tax Agent.


2. How do I register?

The quickest way to register is online.  You can also request a registration form to be emailed / posted to you.  You will then need to send us the completed registration form either by email / post before we can begin the registration process.


3. What does the registration process involve?

The process typically takes one minute to complete on line.  After that we do all the hard work.


4. How long does the process take?

The process takes two to three weeks from initial registration to you receiving your money back.   We will be in contact with you throughout the entire process.


5. Do I need to register each year?

As an existing client, there is no need to re-register.  We will automatically review your tax records annually.


7. How does it work if I recently got married?

We would ask that both you and your spouse complete a registration form.  We would ascertain whether any additional tax relief is available in the year of marriage and prepare calculations as to whether it is more beneficial to be jointly assessed and advise accordingly.


8. What happens if I leave Ireland to go and work abroad?

We would ask you to get in touch as you could be due a tax refund if you are leaving the country for good, or alternatively if you are working in a relevant state as defined by revenue you may be due a Foreign Earnings Deduction.


6. What do I need to send in to support my tax refund?

We will have access to employment income and social welfare payments.  We will however need you to forward for example copies of medical expenses / tuition fees to support your claim.  Once we have reviewed your revenue records we will contact you directly should we require further information.


9. How do I receive my money back?

We usually send a cheque to the address listed on the registration form.  We can arrange a bank transfer directly into your account if preferred.  Should you require a bank transfer we would ask you to contact our office with your details.


10. Why are the bank details listed on revenue correspondence different to my account details?

The bank details referred to on revenue correspondence relate to our company client account.  Revenue lodge all tax refunds into our client account, we then deduct our fee before sending you a cheque for the balance.


No Refund, No Fee - simple as that!

We charge a nominal fee for getting you YourMoneyBack

Fee: 10% + VAT of the value of your Tax Refund with a minimum processing fee of €25 incl. VAT