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Have You Incurred Medical Expenses ?

You are entitled to claim a tax refund on any medical expenses that you have paid for, assuming you have paid tax.

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Every PAYE worker that has paid tax in Ireland can claim a tax refund on certain expenses throughout the year. You are entitled to claim tax refund on any medical expenses that you have paid for, even if not for your immediate family. We will go through the most common examples below.

What expenses can you claim a tax refund for?

As your tax agent, we can process these types of claims for you which will help maximise your tax refund. We ensure that you are claiming the correct expenses which are allowed for tax relief, so you don’t have to worry about it. Simply complete our tax registration form and we will send you the details when reviewing your taxes.

Most Common Medical Expenses

Prescriptions ?

You are eligible to claim tax relief on the cost of medical expenses prescribed by your doctor or consultant. You can request a yearly statement from your pharmacy, and this would qualify for tax relief at 20% of the cost.

Doctor Visits / Hospital Visits ?

You are entitled to claim tax relief at 20% on visits to your doctor, consultant and treatment in a hospital.  You can request copies of the receipts from your doctor or hospital.

Dental Expenses ?

Non-routine dental expenses qualify for tax relief at 20%. This includes braces, root canals, crowns, veneers, bridgework etc. You can request a Form Med 2 from your dentist.

Nursing Home Expenses / Home Carer ?

Expenses paid for the cost of a nursing home or home carer would qualify for tax relief at the higher rate of tax of 40%. You can request a statement from the nursing home of a breakdown of the payments to the nursing home.

Physiotherapy / Acupuncture ?

If you have been referred by a doctor to receive treatment of physiotherapy / acupuncture, then these expenses would qualify for tax relief at 20%. You would need receipts showing the cost of each treatment.

Maternity Care ?

Medical expenses paid for maternity care for women during pregnancy qualifies for tax relief at 20%. 

IVF Treatment (In-Vitro Fertilization) & Fertility Treatment ?

The cost of IVF can be extremely expensive depending on the number of sessions involved. You can tax relief at 20% based on the total expenses paid.

Podiatry or Chiropody ?

If you have paid for podiatry or chiropody expenses, these would qualify for tax relief at 20%. Receipts can be obtained from the clinic. 

Speech and Language Therapy ?

If your child requires speech and language therapy, this would qualify for tax relief at 20%. The therapy must be carried out by a qualified therapist.

Laser Eye Treatment ?

Laser eye treatment can be expensive and on average can cost €5,000 for two eyes. You may be eligible to claim Tax relief at 20% once the medical practitioner is fully accredited and licenced.

Hearing Aids ?

The costs of hearing aids qualify for tax relief at 20% rate. A receipt for the hearing aid is required.

Cost of purchasing, maintaining and repairing medical equipment ?

The cost of supply, maintenance and repair of appliances that are used by a person with a disability would qualify for tax relief at 20%. The medical appliance used would need to be on the advice of a practitioner. The cost of a stair lift, Wheelchair etc. would qualify.

Diet expenses for Coeliacs and Diabetics ?

You can claim tax relief for certain food products if you have specific dietary requirements due to a medical condition. For coeliacs, the purchase of gluten free foods specifically manufactured to be gluten free and for diabetics to purchase diabetic products if your doctor recommends that you include them in your diet would qualify for tax relief. Receipts for such expenses can be obtained from supermarkets, health stores and other similar shops.

Transport in an Ambulance ?

The cost of transport in an ambulance qualifies for tax relief at 20%. You can request a receipt from the hospital for this.

Note: You can not claim tax relief on medical expenses that have been reimbursed by insurance, compensation or a public body.

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