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Tax Calculator and Tax Rebates

So many people use an online tax calculator to estimate if they are due a tax rebate. This can give an indication if you are due a refund, however it does not take into account all the tax credits that you may be able to claim. Many people do not know if they are entitled to claim additional tax credits for example the Home Carers Tax Credit, Rent Tax Credit etc as there are certain rules that apply before these tax credits can be claimed.

You do not need to use a tax calculator to estimate if you are due a tax refund. Why not register with us online at and have our qualified accountants carry out a professional tax review for you. We review your taxes for the last four years and we ensure that you claim the maximum tax credits and reliefs available to you based on your personal circumstances.

We have the fastest turnaround time from registering with us to receiving your tax refund compared to our competitors. From the date of signing up with us, you could have your refund in your bank account within 2 weeks. Over 80% of our clients receive a tax refund due to them not claiming all their tax credits and tax reliefs. Don’t miss out on a tax refund, It is always worth having a second opinion of your taxes as we offer our services on a “No Refund – No Fee” basis. You have nothing to lose!

Tax Calculator for Single Parents

Single parents who use an online tax calculator don’t see the extra tax credits and extra tax cut of points that they are entitled to. There are criteria that must apply in order to claim these credit which is too cumbersome for a free online tax calculator to consider.

Our qualified accountants will ask you the questions to see if you qualify for these extra tax credits and tax cut of points. When completing our online registration form at and by simply filling in the number of children that you have and selecting the single option, we will ask the necessary questions to see if you qualify.

We then complete the necessary paperwork that needs to be signed and send it to you, simple!. This takes the hassle out of you having to complete the forms. We will then process the claim with Revenue on your behalf and claim your tax refund for you.

We review the last four tax years for you so if you only qualify for one year we will claim for that year. Nothing is overlooked when YourMoneyBack reviews your taxes.

Claiming tax back using a Tax Calculator

When using an online tax calculator, remember that it would only give an indication that you could possibly be due a tax refund. It does not file the return with Revenue, this is something that you must do yourself through your online Revenue Account. We find that clients who use an online tax calculator and then file their return with Revenue actually miss out on claiming extra tax credits that they qualified for. Or even worse, they actually end up owing Revenue money by not claiming all their credits.

Our qualified accountants will do all the calculations for you. We take the hassle out of reviewing your taxes in three simple steps!

  1. You complete our easy Online Registration form at
  2. We review your tax records for the last four years
  3. We send you YourMoneyBack! You get to spend it on what you want!

Let use their Tax Calculator

After you complete our online registration form at, we can review your taxes within five days. Our qualified accountants recalculate your taxes for each of the last four years by using our advanced tax calculator. We can then see if you have overpaid tax for any of the last four years or if you are missing out on valuable tax credits that you were entitled to claim.

Online tax calculators do not take into account everybody’s personal circumstances. Some families may be entitled to claim the Home Carer Tax Credit and others may be entitled to claim the Incapacitated Child Tax Credit. We will ask the necessary questions to see if you are entitled to claim these credits and if we require paperwork to be completed, we will prepare this and send it to you. We take the hassle out of preparing the paperwork for you as some clients may be unsure of how to do this.

We have found that for client’s who even review their own tax records and think they have claimed for everything, can still be missing out on a large refund. Simply requesting a P21 statement from Revenue will not ensure that you have claimed all your tax credits. Don’t miss out on a tax refund, get qualified accountants to review your taxes. There is no harm in a second opinion.

Register Today To Claim Your Money Back 

If you have any questions that we have not covered above or if you just need help claiming YourMoneyBack, simply contact us today. With our expertise we will ensure that you claim the maximum tax refund available. Simply complete our Online Registration Form at and we do the rest. We have the lowest fees in Ireland, plus, if you are not due a tax refund then there is no charge. Don’t miss your chance for a tax refund and Apply Today for YourMoneyBack!