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YourMoneyBack is a registered trading name of Johnson Kenny & Co. Limited.

We provide excellent customer service and we apply all due diligence and care to your Tax refund application and personal information. Specifically:

  • We will text or email you the same day to let you know your application form has arrived and advise you of the next steps in the process. We will begin registration as your tax agent immediately.
  • The Revenue Commissioners will send you correspondence confirming our Agent Link.
  • The Revenue Commissioners will send both you as customer and us as agent a copy of a tax statement when a tax refund review is complete. We will check this statement  to ensure it is correct and email / text you advising you of your agreed tax refund and the amount of our fee.
  • We will retain and protect your personal information as per the relevant data protection legislation.
  • In circumstances, whereby an existing client of YourMoneyBack deals with revenue directly and money has been lodged into our client account, then there will be a €12.30 administration charge for repaying the tax refund to the client.
  • YourMoneyBack will only confirm tax refunds once revenue have agreed them.
  • When you sign the Registration Form you are agreeing to pay the agreed fee for processing the tax refund.

Our fees are based on 7% of the total value of the tax refund plus VAT at 23%, subject to a minimum processing fee of €23.  In circumstances where there is no tax refund then no fee will be charged to the client. YourMoneyBack may charge additional fees where extra work is required. An annual fee of €50 will be charged to clients where funds remain in the client account due to clients not cashing their cheques.

The fee is due to YourMoneyBack following receipt of the tax refund from the Revenue Commissioners.

In circumstances, whereby the Revenue Commissioners send the tax refund directly to the client, YourMoneyBack will issue an invoice directly to the client requesting immediate payment.

Where there is a change in our fee structure, this will be communicated on our website 30 days in advance of the effective date.

  • When you agree that YourMoneyBack is to act as your Tax Agent all correspondence relating to potential tax refunds must be handled directly by us. In circumstances, whereby the client makes contact directly with the Revenue Commissioners without our knowledge and as a result causes an underpayment, then YourMoneyBack will not be held accountable for the final outcome of the tax claim.
  • If at any time you are unhappy with the service you have received from YourMoneyBack and you wish to cancel our Agent Link, then we request that you either write to Revenue or call them seeking removal of us as your Agent.

In circumstances, whereby we feel it inappropriate for us to continue to act as your Tax Agent, then we will contact Revenue directly cancelling our agent Link.

  • YourMoneyBack will automatically review your tax records on an annual basis going forward unless you specifically state otherwise in writing to us.
  • YourMoneyBack will send correspondence to the client  based on information stated on your Registration Form. You are responsible for contacting us whenever there is a change to your contact information so that we can keep our database updated.  We would advise that your regularly check emails for correspondence from us.
  • In circumstances, whereby amendments are made to our existing Terms and Conditions, such amendments will be reflected on our website and we would ask our clients to familiarise themselves with our Terms and Conditions on a regular basis.
  • YourMoneyBack will ensue that all client information is held in a private and confidential manner. We will keep a scanned copy of your Registration Form on our system.  Please refer to our separate privacy policy on our website.
  • YourMoneyBack is not responsible for the tax refund where you the client has supplied information to us which is incorrect, false or misleading in any way, or the client owes money to the Revenue Commissioners.
  • YourMoneyBack will not be held liable for any underpayments of tax that may arise.