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Claiming Tax Refunds On Dental Expenses

You are entitled to claim tax back on the cost of non-routine dental expenses for yourself, your family or any other individuals as long as you have paid for them. You must have a Med2 form completed by your dentist in order to claim tax relief.

Non-routine Dental Treatments:

The following list contains examples of non-routine dental care costs that you can claim tax relief on:

  • Root Canal Treatment
  • Orthodontic treatment – provision of braces and related treatments
  • Surgical extraction of impacted wisdom teeth
  • Bridgework – an enamel retained bridge or a tooth-supported bridge
  • Crowns
  • Veneers or Rembrandt type etched fillings
  • Tip replacing
  • Periodontal treatment for gum disease: root planing (including curettage and debridement) and gum flaps; chrome cobalt splints (but not if it contains teeth); and implants (including bone grafting and bone augmentation)

What expenses are not allowed for tax relief?

You cannot claim relief for routine dental care. This includes:

  • Fillings
  • Scaling or cleaning
  • Tooth extraction
  • Providing or repairing artificial teeth (dentures)

Non-routine dental expenses carried out outside Ireland:

You can claim for non-routine dental treatment performed outside of Ireland. To qualify for relief, the dentist must be a qualified dentistry practitioner under that country’s laws.

How to claim dental expenses?

In order to claim the tax back on dental expenses, you must request a form Med2 from your dentist. Your dentist would normally supply this form to you after your treatment. Simply send us the form Med2 by post or email and we will process your medical claim. We are here to get you YourMoneyBack.

If you have any questions that we have not covered above or if you just need help claiming YourMoneyBack, simply contact us today. Our team of Chartered Accountants will be happy to answer any of your questions. With our expertise we will ensure that you claim the maximum tax refund available and we also have the lowest fees in Ireland. Plus, if you are not due a tax refund then there is no charge. Simply complete our registration form at and we do the rest. Don’t miss your chance for a tax refund and Apply Today for YourMoneyBack!