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Tax Relief for Work Tools and Uniforms

Construction workers - Flat Rate Allowance (FRE) Tax Relief Are you entitled to a Tax Refund? If you are you working in the construction Industry and are a PAYE employee you may be entitled to claim additional tax credits & tax relief each year. A Flat...

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Tax Rebate

Irish Tax Rebate What is a Tax Rebate A tax rebate is a refund that is due to a working person in Ireland that has overpaid tax in any of the last four years. There are numerous reasons why people have overpaid tax in any given year, including changing of employments,...

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Tax Calculator for Claiming Tax Back

  Tax Calculator and Tax Rebates So many people use an online tax calculator to estimate if they are due a tax rebate. This can give an indication if you are due a refund, however it does not take into account all the tax credits that you may be able...

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Tax Refund on Medical Expenses

Claim A Tax Refund On Your Medical Expenses You are entitled to claim tax relief on the cost of medical expenses for yourself, your family or any other individuals as long as you have paid for them. How much of a tax refund are you missing out on? The rate at which...

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