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Construction workers – Flat Rate Allowance (FRE) Tax Relief

Are you entitled to a Tax Refund? If you are you working in the construction Industry and are a PAYE employee you may be entitled to claim additional tax credits & tax relief each year. A Flat Rate Allowance (sometimes referred to as a “uniform allowance”) is a way for workers to claim tax relief on the purchase of work tools, uniforms or safety equipment used to carry out their work.

Flat rate allowances are set by Revenue and there is a different rate depending on your job title. Always ensure to tell us your full job title when completing our online Registration Form so that we claim the correct tax relief or allowance that applies to you.

So far this year we have dealt with so many construction workers who have not been claiming this allowance because there were unaware that this existed.

Claiming tax relief for work tools and uniforms:

If you have purchased your own work tools, uniforms or safety equipment in order to carry out your employment, then you are entitled to claim a Flat Rate Allowance or Tax Relief for each year you worked in that job. As amounts vary depending on your job title, you can see a full list of the flat rate allowances here. But for your easy reference, we have listed below the most popular flat rate allowances being claimed by us for the thousands of construction workers that we have dealt with.

Tax relief allowances are as follows

  • Bricklayer: €175
  • Fitter Mechanic / Plasterer: €103
  • Electrician: €153
  • Plasterer: €103
  • Mason, Roofer Slater, Tiler, Floor Layer, Stone Cutter: €120
  • Driver, scaffolder, sheeter, steel erector: €52
  • Professionals: engineers, surveyors, et: €33
  • General operatives (labourers etc. incl. Public Sector): €97
  • Cabinet makers, Carpenters, Joiners: €220
  • Painters, Polishers, Upholsterers, Woodcutting Machinists: €140
  • Plumber (non-welder): €177
  • Plumber-welder: €205
  • Pipe fitter-welder: €205


If you have not claimed tax relief on your work tools, uniforms or safety equipment, you could be due a tax refund for each of the last 4 years.


How do I claim my Irish Tax Refund

By completing our simple Online Registration Form, our team of qualified Chartered Accountants will be able to review your taxes and ensure that you are claiming the tax credits and reliefs that you are entitled to claim. Once registered we will review your taxes for the last four years and ensure you are claiming all your tax entitlements. We are here to get you YourMoneyBack.

If you have any questions on the above or if you just need help claiming YourMoneyBack, feel free to contact us today. With our expertise we will ensure that you claim the maximum tax rebate available and our fees are the lowest in Ireland. Plus, if you are not due a tax refund then there is no charge. Simply complete our Online Registration Form and we do the rest. Don’t miss your chance for a tax refund and Apply Today for YourMoneyBack!


Flat Rate Allowance